Pop Up Flea NYC 2013 - General Knot & Co.

Pop Up Flea NYC 2013


As for any list of eagerly awaited annual events, ACL's Pop Up Flea in NYC would land squarely at the top. Yes, it's an opportunity to sell our wares, but equally important- it is an opportunity to see old friends and meet new ones with whom we've only had the chance to visit through social media. Okay, we do love Instagram, but it's a far cry from seeing and speaking in person. Below are photos we took during the event this past weekend:


BillyKirk setting up for the day


 Baxter of California bringing some freshness to gettin' fresh 


Freemans Sporting Club working the suits and keeping things properly trimmed.


Our friends at The Good Flock, masters of shape and proportion


Levi's Vintage showing how the old and new can come together gracefully.

Aaron Ruff creates Digby and Iona jewelry. We know of no equal.


Man Of The World once again brought their A-Game. Never to be outdone, their 4-wheeled beauties can make a grown man cry.


Red Wing Shoes, solid steppin.


Stanley & Sons


Terrapin Stationers have completely rewritten the rules for mailable communication

Friends from Vermont- The Ursa Major team came in full force.


Oak Street Bootmakers, Chicago's finest. Have I ever seen a more beautifully made boot? I think not.


Harry's. The new boys in town are keeping your face smooth and your wallet fat.


Wood & Faulk


A little assortment of goodies from yours truly 

Always good to see old friends...

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