February 08, 2016 1 min read

What actually determines something as “vintage” is often debatable, but there is no denying the authenticity of these shirts that I photographed at the official Levi's Archives at their headquarters in San Francisco. These are the genuine articles.  NYC's What Goes Around, Comes Around would give their left... leg for a 5 minute shopping spree in here. 

Most of the shirts on this page have been dated between the 1920’s and 1960’s. Levi Strauss has mostly been known for their denim, but throughout their history have supplied a very wide rage of shirts as well- these being primarily for men. In fact, Levi's was the go-to for the real-deal rodeo shirts worn by the actual cowboys in the shows. Often, the shinier and flashier the better. Next to the cowboy's riding skills, looking "the part" was essential to their performance. Grabbing the judge's (and girl's) attentions could only work to their advantage. And Levi's knew their market well.

Styling has stayed true to the “Western” routes of denim, with lots of specialty shaped pocket flaps and back yokes, novelty snaps, topstitching, and plaids galore.

Brightly colored plaids and solids with decorative piping in the seams, fancy tie-front plackets, and special buttons and snaps.


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