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An interesting benefit of using vintage fabrics in General Knot & Co.'s products and working with fellow fabric collectors around the globe is the education we receive along the way. Learning about a fabric's particular origin and age and finding similar fabrics from the same general place and time can paint a rather clear historical picture of the era. Color ranges and combinations, fabric construction and fiber content, and pattern scale and style all speak to a fabric's history. 
As in the case of the two travel kits pictured above, through research (and finding the actual source) we know that the vintage scenic fabrics originate from the 1940s-1950s. The heavy textured cowboy print and geese motif scenics were most likely designed for interior home use- curtains, upholstery, etc... Funny, at first glance, the idea of living inside a home decorated with these rather bold prints sounds like potential overkill, but seem perfectly in balance when envisioned as an element within a stylish mid-century household. We happen to love the quirky and unique use of color and scale in these prints for our travel kits.
During our many (constant) fabric research trips, our directive is to find the most beautiful and unique pieces available- from whenever and wherever they may come. Below are some of our recent finds. Let us know which are your favorites.
1950s Party Scenic
1950s Hunting Scenic
1940s-1950s New England Whaling Scenic 
1950s Butterflies
1960-1970s Bananas

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March 27, 2016

I love Bananas! Awesome print :)


February 27, 2016

Bananas is awesome

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