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As someone who feels fairly comfortable preparing home cooked meals in our kitchen, I understand the importance of having good tools. Most importantly, hand tools like knives. A person really doesn't need a large assortment of knives like those you may see in one of those big wooden blocks on a counter, but the ones you do have need to be solidly made, sharp, balanced, and fit securely in your hand.

In our house, our daily use "go-to" knives have been collected through the years as necessity arose, always supplying their dependable utility when needed. Beyond their end use and functional design, not much thought seems to have been put into their overall "beauty" though. Enter Densmore Knives...

As many of you know, we enjoy participating in various pop up markets around the country. A huge side benefit of participating in such markets is the great pleasure of meeting fellow entrepreneurs and craftsmen who show alongside us at such events. One such meeting happened a few years back at the American Field Pop Up Market in Boston where we had the good fortune of meeting Sam Densmore. 

Sam makes art. Useful and functional art. Art- so much so that his knives always make me stop and take note of them before considering to start working on the task at hand. A perfect pairing of form and function. 

The above paring knife is made with a handle of spalted maple burl, inlaid red paper micarta (paper pressed with resin), and brass and nickel-silver bolster and pins. The wood is "stabilized" meaning it has had resin forced into it under vacuum and then baked to make it tough, mostly impervious to water and does not require oiling.


Born and raised in Woods Hole, MA., Sam learned his skills from the generations of craftsmen before him. Both his father and grandfather created tools, utensils and finely crafted knives by hand and shared their love of craft and quality with Sam.

As seen in the above examples of Sam's work, no two knives are the same. But all are made to last a lifetime. And although they are beautiful enough to be left out of chore work and just admired, they are meant to be used. I can certainly attest to their durability and functionality (and yes, VERY sharp blades!).

Looking for an upgrade to your current knives? Or an amazing gift for someone special? Drop Sam a note on his contact page and let him know what you're looking for.


Photos (except of paring knife) courtesy of Ashley Corbin-Teich http://www.ashleycorbinteich.com/ Paring knife photos by Sam Densmore.

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james magnotta
james magnotta

September 23, 2017

Like the new small blade knife.


April 15, 2017

Those are some pretty knives. Love these ones too http://www.chelseamillerknives.com

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