Hand Made | Westport Arts Center

by Andrew Payne May 30, 2018

Hand Made | Westport Arts Center

There are so many small galleries and museums in this country but unfortunately more often than not, we seem too busy with work, daily errands and life in general to slow down and explore these little gems. Thankfully this particular exhibit at the Westport Arts Center in Westport, CT. was recommended to us so we made a point to make the short journey from our home base in Bedford, NY to check it out.

The exhibition, curated by noted Art Historical Researcher Elizabeth Gorayeb focuses on Fiber Arts which she essentially describes as "woman's art", meaning that the craft of weaving, knitting and embroidery work are one specialty in the art world that elevates women artists. Unlike the traditional art world of painting and sculpture which typically celebrates the male artist, this craft of fiber arts is dominated by women.

East of Eden, 2017
The Feast, 2018
The collection focuses on pieces from as early as the 1970s all the way up to the above piece titled "The Feast" (by Orly Cogan) from 2018.
Seasons, 2017
Homage to Frida Kahlo, 2004
The international collection of work features 17 artists using multiple medias including embroidery, quilting, and knitted works, some mixed with brick and charcoal, others with acid dyes, paper and digital sewing techniques.
Assorted works, 2001-2009
301 Balls, 2017
Becoming North, Northeast, 2015
I Can't Stop Crying Except Sometimes When I Think About Ari Gold, 2016
Gypsy Handkerchief, 1978
The show runs through June 2 so if you are in the Westport area you should stop by and take a look.

Andrew Payne
Andrew Payne


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