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Groom Style Trends- Colored Suits

Groom Style Trends | Colored Suits

Do you find yourself bored by traditional suits in the colors of navy blue, black, grey, or brown? Afraid that you'll look like your dad or grandpa? Or that they are just too conservative for you? If you said yes to any of these questions and are tired of looking to ties, pocket squares, or lapel pins in order to create that right flare, then maybe colored suits are more your speed. We're seeing men owning color usage in a way that is freeing and quite simply, fun. Combine that with the right "flare" of the perfect tie or square (ahem, a GK & Co. tie or square of course) and there will be no mistaking you with Pops anymore.

Take a look at Men's fashion history... not much has changed really. I mean if you walked down the street wearing a suit from the 1920's, you might get a side eye from someone disapproving of your fashion sense, but it would still hold up. It's not like you're walking down the street dressed like George Washington, complete with powdered wig. Completely unlike Women's fashion history where it seems like all you had to do was blink and styles changed. Tailoring, fabrications, and when you use them have changed for sure in Menswear; however, the colors tend to remain the same. Until now. We've collected a rainbow of images to prove just that and have paired them with some of our GK & Co. favorite pieces to get an idea of how to play around with these looks for yourself. So let's Roy G. Biv the hell out of your suit style!  


 Reds don't just look good in a glass... check out these stylish suits, simply paired with a white dress shirt, a patterned tie, and shoes in brown or black.



Ok so you may be wondering how to properly pull off orange without looking like... well an orange. Tailoring is super important when wearing any suit, but here is one place you will need to make sure everything fits as it should.


"They call me mellow yellow (quite rightly). So mellow yellow" Now that I have put that ear worm in your head (Thanks Donovan for that prolific song!), here's how to wear yellow and not look like Big Bird.... with lots of confidence! Keep your dress shirt simple in a solid color, here a white shirt serves as a grounding force. Then pair it with a printed pocket square for just enough flare that won't clash. If you want to add a tie, go for a solid or subtle print. Keep it simple.


Think of the green suit as a substitute to the brown suit. You can wear it in the same way, paired with a simple white shirt with the pop of a tie, lapel pin, and a pocket square. This is one of those instances where it's OK to be a little flashy in your accessories because the green suit is still quite grounded. Brown shoes work better here...remember when pairing a suit with brown shoes, keep all the additional accents the same color (ie. belts, watch straps, etc).


This is not your classic blue suit but it might just be on its way to becoming that. The lighter shades of blue look more dapper and definitely more fitting for the Spring and Summer months. Here you can play with your color & pattern mixing for a more "out of the box" feel or pair your suit with subdued accessories to ground the look a bit more.



Purple is one of those colors that just gets a bad rap no matter what. But similarly to the green suit, you can also treat this as a substitute to a brown suit. The darker the shade, the more of a grounding color it becomes. You want to keep the shirt color simple here in white or very pale shades of colors like blue. If you go with a lighter shade of purple, play with tone on tone neck wear or squares to make the look a bit more streamlined. And if tone on tone is too much then greys & black will always do the trick.

(Center Purple Suit Photo Credit: Christina Lilly Photography)

(All additional images have been taken from Pinterest- visit our board for more style ideas)




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