Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

by Elizabeth Evertsz April 06, 2016

Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, Sin City, the entertainment capital of the world, and our favorite, "whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." So many different monikers for this desert oasis in southern Nevada, but did you know it is also considered the "marriage capital of the world"? The ease in acquiring a marriage license, the low cost, the lack of blood tests, and no waiting period have made Vegas the ideal marriage destination for over 60 years. Throw in the possibility of having different themes, possibly even Elvis perform the nuptials, and you're all set.

Here are a few fun facts about Las Vegas weddings:

~According to the Clark's County Clerk (where Las Vegas lives) there were a total of 80,465 marriages in 2015. 81,652 marriage licenses were issued... so maybe only 1,187 people got cold feet? By the way, 2016 already has 10,380 marriages under its belt. ( Data provided by Clark County Nevada Records )

~ The most popular wedding dates are those with repeating numbers like 7/7/07.  JACKPOT! This of course being the most popular day in a city with so many hoping to have a liaison with Lady Luck.

~Lots of celebrities have said "I DO" here... Elvis & Priscilla Presley, Frank Sinatra & Mia Farrow, Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton, Britney Spears (she was only married for 55 hours but it still counts!) and the list goes on.

~There are over 40 chapels in Las Vegas many of which are free standing properties dotting the Downtown area (or north) of The Strip. Many of the popular hotels like The Wynn will also have chapels on site.

We took it upon ourselves to compile a few pictures of chapels we saw on our most recent trip to Vegas. So now, if you plan to elope you'll be armed with a photo-journal of inspiration. You're welcome.

Lucky Little Chapel Downtown- This boutique chapel is located in the unique and totally hip Downtown Container Park, an open air shopping center, featuring restaurants, bars, entertainment, and made out of shipping containers.  So after you say "I DO" in this very modern chapel you can have your first meal together as a couple...maybe some gourmet hot dogs at Cheffini's.

A Little White Chapel -The chapel, established in 1951, is known for its quickie celebrity weddings and of course its "Drive Thru Tunnel of Vows." Everyone from Michael Jordan to Britney Spears, Slash from Guns & Roses to Bruce and Demi have all been married here. And for you Friends fans, this is where Ross & Rachel get drunk-married.

Chapel of the Flowers-Think of this as the resort of chapels with three types of chapels on site available depending on your style...Tuscan-inspired, Modern, or a more traditional Victorian feel. You can even have an outdoor wedding in their Glass Garden.

The Little Vegas Chapel-  Located across the street from the Stratosphere, this chapel is said to provide the most fun Elvis weddings in town, including pretend weddings for those of you who don't want the legalities of marriage, but still want to reap all the benefits.

Little Church of the West Chapel- established in 1942, this is the only chapel on "The Strip" that is a part of the National Registry of Historical Places. Built as a free standing chapel modeled after an old mining town church, this too has seen many celebrity weddings. From old Hollywood to new... Betty Grable, Judy Garland, and Micky Rooney to Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere, Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton.

Chapel of the Bells- If you're a movie buff, you may recognize this chapel. It's been in countless movies, "Honeymoon in Vegas", "Vegas Vacation", and "Indecent Proposal" just to name a few. But it's not just for the movies, celebrity I Do's here include Kelly Rippa and Mark Consuelos, Leslie Nielson, Ernest Borgnine, and Beverly D'Angelo.

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel- this chapel is known for its themed weddings, with their motto being "if you can dream it, we can theme it." They have over 30 themes to choose from or as the motto states, they'll make your theme come true. Some of their themes include Zombies, Gangsters, Westerns, and even Twilight for all of you Edward & Bella Twihards.


Too many options of chapels and not the right one for you? Then you can always just do it at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

In part 2 of this series, we'll be taking a more intimate look at Vegas weddings with our new friends from the Graceland Wedding Chapel. Stay tuned....

Elizabeth Evertsz
Elizabeth Evertsz


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