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Corinna & Dolapo, A Brooklyn Affair

Brooklyn, NY

One of our favorite parts of working on custom designs for our brides and grooms is getting to know the couple and hear their incredible stories of how they found each other. Corinna & Dolapo are one such couple.  We were very honored to work with them and are thrilled that Corinna has agreed to share their story.
Where and when did you meet?
Dolapo was recruited from New York to join the San Francisco software start-up where I was working in July of 2009.  His first day was July 13 (4 years to the day before our wedding).  There was one morning shortly after he started when we both arrived at the office before any of our co-workers, and chatted as if we were on a date.  Even though it was 9 am, sparks were flying.
At what moment did you realize he was "the one"?
I know it's not romantic but I have never believed there is a "one" person for me.  I think healthy relationships take a lot of work and you choose who it is that you want to work with, and who is worth the challenges.  I knew within weeks of meeting him that Dolapo was incredibly special, thoughtful, kind and patient.  Since then, and more so every day, I feel incredibly fortunate that we have chosen each other as our "ones".
How original (or not!) was your husband's proposal, and did he have more than one scenario for back up?
He had the proposal in the works for months, so I don't think there was a backup plan.  Early one Saturday morning, Dolapo woke me up, led me to the sofa, and presented me with a stack of his delicious pancakes (he really makes the best pancakes).  As I ate them- slightly confused, because it was so early to be eating pancakes- he presented me with a card, a photo book he made, and then a ring.  Original or not, I love that he proposed to me in our living room.  And right after I said "yes!" we packed our bags and he took me on a surprise getaway to Buttermilk Farms Inn on the Hudson, where we got to spend the whole weekend reveling in our joy.
Describe your wedding in 5 words....
Multicultural, enthusiastic, dance-y, delicious, incredible!
How do your personal styles compliment each other?
I would describe both of our styles as kind of casual and classic.  I try to push him toward trendy pieces that he sometimes feels he can't pull off.  Like a cool pair of shoes, or a scarf or a tight pair of jeans.  He often does the same for me.  He will come home and surprise me with a jacket that I think s way too cool for me.  I guess we keep each other edgy.
Aside from your custom ties, what other elements of your wedding were really unique and memorable to you?
Dolapo and I tried to put thought and personalization into every element of the wedding.  There were Greek and Nigerian components to the ceremony, which Dolapo's sister officiated.  We deliberately chose wooden tables to warm up a white space and gunmetal chairs to pay homage to the industrial look of DUMBO.  We chose a wonderful Brooklyn florist, Ariel Dearie, to create natural arrangements.  Our favors were our favorite goat milk caramels from Happy Goats in California.  We wanted our guests to eat a great meal so we hired our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Roberta's, to cater. 
We really wanted to make the day about thanking our families and our guests for contributing to the beginnings of the wonderful life we are making together...
Very best to you both and thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story!
All photos courtesy of JB Reed Weddings
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