Packing to Avoid Common Wedding Day Scenarios: Guest Post

by Ann Payne June 19, 2018

Packing to Avoid Common Wedding Day Scenarios: Guest Post


The average engaged couple spends fourteen months planning their big occasion. All of these long dedicated hours are spent making sure every last detail comes together meticulously. Between all of the stressful moments of choosing the color scheme, creating the guest list, or dealing with a difficult vendor takes a lot of time and often stress. By the final few weeks, you’re probably thinking “is it time yet?”

 When those final weeks do arrive, it’s time to get excited! Try not to stress anymore, after all of the hard work you’ve put into it, it’s sure to all come together. As you’re checking off the final to do list try to think to yourself about possible scenarios that could happen so you can pack a few essential items ahead of time that will help fix the issue quickly.

 To help you out, we’ve outlined a few common scenarios that could happen on your wedding day and what to bring just in case.

The Problem: The Heat is Affecting You

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The Solution: When a hot summer’s day is starting to get the best of you, you’ll want to be prepared with sunscreen and water. Getting too much sun can make you prone to dehydration and faintness. Bring a case or two of water with you to the area where both of you and the wedding party will be getting ready. The hot weather often brings bugs with it as well. Bring a can of bug spray in your bag and maybe have a few out for guests to use as well.


The Problem: You’re Under the Weather

The Solution: Whether you had a little too much fun at your rehearsal dinner the night before or you’ve come down with the flu, be prepared with a few medications. Pedialyte, ibuprofen, and allergy medication can all come in handy in this scenario. Being sick on your wedding day is no fun, but staying hydrated and resting well the night before are extremely important to making it through the whole day.



The Problem: Wardrobe Malfunctions

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The Solution: It’s common for the bride or groom to experience a minor wardrobe malfunction before walking down the aisle. Try to find a guest who has seamstress skills that may be able to help you utilize a small sewing kit if either of you has a small rip. A stain remover stick is good to have on hand for any accidental spills. Pack a nude strapless bra with you just in case you need a smoother fit or a little lift for your dress. For the guys, make sure you or a groomsman can tie your tie or bowtie properly.

The Problem: Your makeup is smudging or your hairstyle is falling


The Solution: A package of bobby pins and some extra strong hairspray will have your hair back in place in no time. It’s almost guaranteed that even if you’re not the one to need one of these, a bridesmaid will. For the grooms, bring extra gel with you for last minute touch-ups.  For your makeup pack a few small items that can easily be touched up such as concealer for blemishes, a waterproof mascara, and the same shade of lipstick that you or your makeup artist chooses to use that day.


The Problem: Your Energy is Fading


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The Solution: All you need is a few minutes for a little pick me up! Your wedding day is full of carefully planned out activities, one after another. So it’s no surprise that you’d feel exhausted after a certain point. Bring some snacks like protein bars or nuts to keep your stomach full and give you a boost of energy. A few toiletries items and a couple of minutes to refresh can help you feel better as well. Brushing your teeth, reapplying deodorant, and a spritz of perfume can spring you back.


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Ann Payne
Ann Payne


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