International Shipping


*For your convenience and savings, we also suggest that you check out Borderlinx below:

International shipping is often a difficult road to navigate. Keeping that in mind, we spent the past several months investigating every international shipping option so that we can offer you the most Reliable, Fast and Affordable service.

Unfortunately, as a small business, these three elements are not so easily made available. Without the history of high volume international purchases we found that negotiating affordable prices was not possible while keeping the shipping fast and reliable. With that said, we think we found the best solution for you through a collaboration with Borderlinx, a FREE service that has the lowest negotiated rates through DHL. Essentially they work as a forwarding house for us. We ship to them, and then they ship to you. We've done the math and crunched the numbers and can assure you, this is the most affordable, most reliable and fastest shipping option around. It's much cheaper than us shipping directly to you since they have high volume negotiating power.

You can find your shipping rates by going to Borderlinx Shipping Calculator where you can get an idea of pricing [you'll want to list the product as a tie; our shipping box has a volumetric weight of 1 lb and is sized at 6 x 7 x 7 in]. Below is a sample of pricing when we input how much it would cost to send one of our packaged neckties to arrive in the following countries within 2-5 days of leaving the US:

Japan - $28 (shipping to your US address is FREE)
Hong Kong - $28 (shipping to your US address is FREE)
United Kingdom - $28 (shipping to your US address is FREE)
Australia - $16 (shipping to your US address is FREE)
Denmark - $28 (shipping to your US address is FREE)

The best part is that it's simple! Check out our graphic's 5 steps it takes to get your package and then sign up for your free US address from Borderlinx. If you have any questions about pricing or shipping options they have 24/7 support which you can access by going here.

International orders that arrive with issues or damages can have replacement items sent to the address used on the original order and will not be sent directly to the recipient since we do not offer direct international shipping.