November 02, 2011


Handlebar Magazine | Guide To Neckties



Yang-Yi Goh, founder of Handlebar Magazine and a contributor to GQ Magazine, wrote a great "Guide To Neckties" on Handlebar- and we're really excited to have been included as one of the FOUR YOUNG LABELS TO WATCH!  Most definitely check out the article, but we recommend you making Handlebar a regular reading stop for style, sports, arts and general knowledge- Yang and fellow co-founder Jeremy Wolf do an amazing job of keeping you up to date.


October 22, 2011


American Quilters | Vintage Textiles



All I needed to see were the words "American" & "Vintage" in the same sentence and my attention was drawn. Never mind that I was not just the only man in the room, but the only non-retirement aged person in the room as well. Yeah, well, vintage textiles and a mutual admiration for masterful craftsmanship have a way of pulling birds of a feather together (textile geeks). 

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September 04, 2011


Antenna Magazine | Ouigi Theodore | GK&Co.


First, to be included in Antenna Magazine's Fall 2011 issue is enough on its own. Then, to have the one and only Ouigi Theodore aka “The Bearded Man" of Brooklyn Circus sporting our General Knot & Co. pocket squares! Well, we started to get a little lightheaded. Of course, we'll never know if the repeated toasting of Maker's Mark had anything to do with the dizziness, but there's no doubt that we couldn't be anymore pleased.

Thanks to the fashion director and stylists at Antenna Magazine, Mr. Theodore for always looking so damn sharp, and of course, to our very own Miss Dana.

August 21, 2011


August 05, 2011


Groomsmen's Gifts | Brides Magazine | GK&Co.



    Hey, when it comes to the subject of weddings, there are few sources that could claim knowing their subject as well as BRIDES Magazine. We are super happy that they took a shine to our 1960s Geo Floral Print Neck Tie in their August 2011 issue. With the wedding season in full swing, we get emails every day from both brides and grooms looking for special neckwear for their special days. And we love that they all enjoy the duality of our designs - as both a great accessory to be worn by the men of the wedding party and as perfect groomsmen gifts.

    Thanks again to BRIDES for including General Knot & Co. in your great magazine. Cheers!


June 07, 2011


Fast Company Magazine | All Tied Up











Our 1950s Folk Art & Seersucker Stripe two tone necktie featured in Fast Company's June issue. Feels great to be hanging with some of our favorite other brands!

May 23, 2011


It's Always A Gift | GK & Co.


General Knot & Co. is Always a Gift!

You will never see a General Knot & Co. purchase arrive at your door flat-packed in a poly bag, in a box filled with bubble wrap. We appreciate you coming to our shop and want you to enjoy the whole experience.

Whenever we create a design or an element for our online shop, we always consider the "experience" that our customers will potentially have. We wholeheartedly feel that both our customers and the products which we offer are special. To deliver one's purchases with anything less in mind would diminish the entire experience. 

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May 22, 2011


Hatch Show Print | A Working Letterpress Museum


I knew about Hatch Show Print before I actually knew about them. I had seen their posters in shop windows and restaurants and even wine labels they had created, but never knew who was behind the beautiful letterpress print work. 

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May 19, 2011


1930's Patchwork- A Country Wedding


When designing ties (or anything, for that matter), it often makes sense to consider the possible end use- or end user of the designs.  Sometimes, our vintage fabrics already have a plan of their own.

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May 10, 2011


New Pocket Squares from the 1950s and 1960s


A fantastic Folk Art Print from the 1950s


A deep royal rustic dot/plaid pattern atop a fine sateen stripe.