April 14, 2016 1 min read

I knew about Hatch Show Print before I actually knew about them. I had seen their posters in shop windows and restaurants and even wine labels they had created, but never knew who was behind the beautiful letterpress print work.
It turns out that Hatch Show Print is actually one of the country's oldest and continuously operating letterpress shops and has been a division of The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum since 1992. Hatch Show Print began around 1879 in downtown Nashville, TN., printing advertising posters- large and small, for a public eager for bold new ideas and visuals. They really found their calling with the music culture, especially country music up through the 1950's- everyone from Johnny Cash to Hank Williams. Being in Nashville and so closely associated with the Grand Ole Opry, sure had it's benefits.
Everyone across the country wanted their promotional posters to be created by Hatch. From small mom & pop shops and car dealerships to concert halls headlining Elvis Presley and Duke Ellington.
Not to rest on their laurels, Hatch is still a complete and fully operational letterpress studio. Their presses are in use everyday and available for new jobs all the time. I for one, can't wait until General Knot & Co. needs posters for one of our events. Check out their video at the bottom to learn more about Hatch Show Print.

Hatch Show Print from super9Films on Vimeo.

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