Esquire Magazine / Sharp Event Wrap-Up

Esquire Magazine / Sharp Event Wrap-Up

As the proliferation of the "Pop Up" phenomenon continues, a person can never be quite sure what there is to find at such events. Last weekend brought us to Esquire Magazine's partnered pop up with Sharp Events in SoHo NYC. As this was their first event of its kind, we too were not sure what to expect.

Happily, the event went off without a hitch and was well-received by curious shoppers and a slew of fellow brands of whom we had a chance to meet.


Created by industrial designer, Bradley Price, Autodromo designs and produces some of the most beautiful driving accessories on the market. With such precision and careful detailing, their glasses, watches, and driving gloves will easily find a place in your collection of favorites. What strikes me about Bradley's designs is that they have a look that is both very vintage and very modern, all at once. The quality of construction is also impeccable. 


Designed and made in Brooklyn, NY. Cadet is a brand to watch. The team of Brad Schmidt and Raul Arevalo approach menswear in a way that most companies do not... they focus on fit. Most brands leave the fine-tuning of fit until the end (and often leave it up to their overseas factories). Not Cadet. They design from the ground up, refining every seam's shape for a proper balance. In the end, they've made the best fitting shirts on the market (yes, I went home with one).

Give their whole line a try. You will not be disappointed.


The venerable New York designer, Ernest has carefully made a name for himself by designing wearable menswear of which every guy can identify. A full collection of apparel and accessories that stand the test of time- detailed but not over designed. 


Known for their high-flying bomber jackets, Cockpit has been in business since the 1980s, and actually is the official supplier of said bomber jackets to the US Air Force. Not a small achievement, as those Air Force folks are not know for taking anything second rate.


John Cafarelli's Ernest Supplies is taking the world of grooming products by storm and seems to be catching everyone's eye in the process- GQ's Jim Moore being one of them. It's rare too that excellent packaging goes hand in hand with great product, but Ernest Supplies has that all covered. The cooling packaged shave gel and moisturizer have effectively sidelined all other products in my morning routine.

All Ernest Supplies products are well focused (even if my photos are not).



Beginning in 1895, Goorin Brothers is a fourth generation family owned milliner who has been enjoying steady growth and popularity with both their mens and womens designs. We had the pleasure of meeting the NYC crew (above)- not a dull one in the bunch.


Based in the Midwest, Well Bred has been gaining a loyal following for its handmade shoes and off beat fabrics and designs. 


Esquire thought of everything. In need of a quick trim? Harry's to the rescue, giving free haircuts on the spot.


Yes, even we were there bringing our new Spring/Summer 2014 collections.



Admittedly, I love a good hamburger from time to time and have never seriously considered going vegan. After enjoying 3 days of vegan delicacies from the fine folks at Chickpea and Olive though, the option didn't seem too crazy after all.


As a wise man once said, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy..."



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