1960s Vintage Quilt Print Pattern - General Knot & Co.

The "Cheater" Quilt Print style first came into use in the late 1800s. The print style is created by placing multiple patterns in a geometric spacing to mimic an actual cut and sewn quilt. Most often in square settings (like the example here), but can certainly utilize diamonds, hexagons, or any other shape used in traditional quilts. We've always loved these vintage textiles because the prints within the shapes usually tell a bit of a story of the era from which they came.
This particular cheater that we've used in our new 1960s Carolina Patchwork Necktie, as the title suggests, was created in the 1960s in a South Carolina mill. The print consists of various blue/white florals reminiscent of Depression Era feedsack prints which were very popular at the time. 
While we do love the seemingly random placement of this kind of printed pattern, we have taken great effort to cut each of these limited edition neckties so that there is as much uniformity as possible among the collection. In this way, each necktie is cut from the same optimal section within the print.
As an unexpected pop of color and detail, we used a great 1960s soft green mini calico print in the tipping and back loop. 
1960s Carolina Patchwork Necktie

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