Side Project Skateboards | Indigo Collection - General Knot & Co.

The fellows at Side Project Skateboards are always cooking up something fresh, functional, and beautiful. Their new Indigo Collection has us wondering how they could possibly surpass it. Good luck, guys! 

Skateboards have been around since the 1970s, evolving from bare planks with roller-skate wheels bolted to the bottom, to using fiberglass and plastics and every form of wooden deck in between. Side Project has raised the bar by creating high functioning beautifully refined pieces of ridable art. 

Each board is individually cut, sanded (and re-sanded over and over again), and stained, creating unique subtleties in each piece. Even their indigo stains are formulated in-house by natural processes. Nothing cookie cutter or off-the-shelf from these guys. 

It is important to note that Side Project's designs are limited editions- and as all things limited edition (as all things General Knot), they don't sit on the shelf for long. If you're in the market, hurry on over to Houston's own Side Project Skateboards and pick one up.

*All photos courtesy of Joshua Anderson

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