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Fresh Paint | Showing Your True Colors


Growing up in Fairfield County Connecticut, I was quite used to colorfully painted front doors. A lot of Hunter Green and Cobalt Blue in my town, but the Londoners definitely take the cake when it comes to putting it all out there. A slightly different look from what we North East American Prepsters would promote, London residents take their cue from their famously rebellious British individualism- as in Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood.  With all that said though, I could actually see these painted doors and shutters fitting right in up North on the Cape or down South in Charlestown. Hmmm... it may be time for a fresh coat on my front door.




A "little" weathered, but yes, still quite beautiful in its own way.


Portobello Road looks to have taken a page from Bermuda's aesthetics handbook (or vice versa).  


A fantastic Olive Green- and sitting next to that Battleship Blue/Gray is perfect.





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