1930's Patchwork- A Country Wedding

May 19, 2011 1 min read



When designing ties (or anything, for that matter), it often makes sense to consider the possible end use- or end user of the designs.  Sometimes, our vintage fabrics already have a plan of their own.

While collecting our vintage fabrics, I often come across certain pieces that just speak up and tell me exactly what they would like to be when they grow up, as is the case with our current Summer patchwork neckties. A group of 14 neckties and bow ties cut from a single patchwork panel of vintage feedsacks (well-cleaned!) from the 1930's. A quilter, many years ago, got started on what would have been a fantastic full quilt, but was never finished. What was left was the large intricately patchworked single panel that we located along our travels. Lucky us- and lucky you.

With the panel's collection of Summery patterns- florals, polka dots, geometrics, vintage men's shirtings, and fresh patterns, we clearly heard Country Wedding for this unique group of ties. No two are exactly the same, with the random cutting and placement, the group is held together by the shared patterns and color palette. Really special.

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