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May 23, 2011 2 min read


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 General Knot & Co. is Always a Gift!

Whether you are choosing one of our designs for yourself, a friend, or as a groomsmen gift, we feel that it's always a gift. And with that in mind, we feel that your purchase from General Knot & Co. should always arrive wrapped as such.  You will never see a General Knot & Co. purchase arrive at your door flat-packed in a poly bag, in a box filled with bubble wrap. We appreciate you coming to our shop and want you to enjoy the whole experience.

Whenever we create a design or an element for our online shop, we always consider the "experience" that our customers will potentially have. We wholeheartedly feel that both our customers and our designs that we offer are special. To deliver one's purchases with anything less in mind would diminish the entire experience. 


Our packaging has been designed with a twofold purpose- form and function. Every General Knot & Co. purchase is boxed and tied as a gift, ready to be present to a special person (and that means you as well). The other side of the packaging coin is of course, to insure that everything arrives safely. Our neckties and bow ties are softly rolled and placed in a nest of pristine kraft paper, cushioning as well as creating an attractive frame.  Both reasons are equally important.

So, see for yourself.  Stop by the General Knot & Co. online shop, purchase up a storm, and we'll wrap up everything especially for you!


 Also worth noting, all of our packaging is 100% recyclable!

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