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Old School Wools

It's that time of year again... Crisp air, falling leaves and wool.  Below are some of our newest designs featuring vintage and deadstock beauties from far and wide.
Above: 1970s Vintage Wool Blackwatch Plaid and Silk Polka Dot necktie and classic bow tie. Vintage 1970s Pendleton Plaid necktie.
Truly vintage wool fabric is hard to come by. May it be weather or water, the dreaded moth, or Father Time's persistent wear, wool only lasts the years if cared for. Fortunately for us, we know a great many obsessive fabric-loving collectors who are happy to share their treasures.
Above: the Whistler Fringed necktie, Aberdeen Donegal Check bow tie, and 1970 Vintage Pendleton Patchwork Plaid necktie
When it comes capturing and showing off color, it's hard to beat wool. The fiber has a natural sheen and depth unlike anything else and makes for smooth-finished fabrics that aid . All in all, wools are a great yearly addition to your look and we're happy to have so many great pieces for you.

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