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Why General Knot Trusts Weaver Leather Supply and Buckleguy for Top-Quality Handcrafted Accessories

Whether you are building physical products, web pages, or a company's marketing strategy, it comes down to the quality of the individual components that you choose to use.


Whether you are building physical products, web pages, or a company's marketing strategy, it comes down to the quality of the individual components that you choose to use—the proverbial pieces of the puzzle.

Over the course of the fourteen years that General Knot has been in business, creating handcrafted accessories, we've worked with and purchased components from specialty suppliers near and far. For the most part, we've been fortunate to have these American-made suppliers close to home.

Two such sources with great experience, specialized equipment, and top-quality products are Weaver Leather Supply and Buckleguy. We couldn't imagine life at General Knot without them.

A Little Insight into These Suppliers:

Weaver Leather Supply

Founded in 1973, Weaver Leather Supply has grown from a small shoe repair shop in Ohio to a leading supplier of leatherworking tools, materials, and accessories. Over the decades, Weaver Leather Supply has built a reputation for offering top-of-the-line products and exceptional customer service.

Weaver Leather Supply’s mission is to support artisans, hobbyists, and professionals by providing them with the best tools and materials to create exceptional leather goods. They offer a wide range of products, including leather hides, hardware, tools, and finishing supplies.

What sets Weaver Leather Supply apart is their dedication to education and support. They regularly host workshops, provide fantastic online tutorials, and offer expert advice to help their customers succeed.


Buckleguy is a family-owned business based in Newburyport, Massachusetts, specializing in high-quality hardware for leather goods and accessories. The company was founded with the goal of providing top-notch buckles, rivets, D-rings, and other hardware to artisans and manufacturers. Over the years, Buckleguy has earned a stellar reputation for their precision-crafted products and exceptional customer service.

They source their products from some of the best manufacturers in the industry, ensuring that every piece meets their stringent quality standards. Buckleguy’s extensive catalog includes everything from classic brass buckles to precision machines and tools, catering to a wide range of design needs.

One of the key strengths of Buckleguy is their commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. They work closely with their suppliers to ensure that materials are produced responsibly, with minimal environmental impact.

Creating collections of accessories that include many weights of woven fabrics and leather, each requiring a host of construction techniques and specialty machines and tools to manufacture quality products, we've been blessed to have access to many talented and skilled specialists, including from Weaver and Buckleguy, who generously share their knowledge. And therein lies the magic of having access to great specialty suppliers. Along with offering top-quality components and tools, they happily share their extensive expertise to ensure that we get the most from their products so that we know the best ways to achieve our goals.

Many times have I called Weaver Leather Supply or Buckleguy with a technical question regarding a new product that we're designing but hit a roadblock during the process. With nothing more than a phone call and a few minutes of time, I can be speaking with a true expert from one of these companies, getting the help that I need. It's honestly like a mini Master Class.

Many of the rivets, buckles, D-rings, and tools/equipment that we use on a daily basis come from our partners at Weaver Leather Supply and Buckleguy. The quality components and expert knowledge they provide are essential to our handcrafted quality at General Knot.

The finished product below.
Our Dark Brown and Blonde Leather Dog Collars, made with solid brass buckles, d-rings, and rivets.
We go through hundreds of pounds of #12 copper rivets during a season. We actually like to leave the snapped off "discards" on the bench to reduce dust and provide a clean surface on which to rest the products while they're being worked on (pro tip).
Solid copper rivets and solid brass double-cap rivets.
Two machines that we couldn't imagine getting through a workday without: Weaver's Little Wonder Press and 4-Ton Clicker Press. Yes, most tasks can be done completely by hand, but by enlisting machines like these the end product is more accurate and can be done faster. 
The finished zipper pulls attached to our Velvet Jewel Pouches.Leather Zipper Pulls on Velvet pouches
Our Signature Keychains, made using tools and components from Weaver and Buckleguy
We love Buckeguy's taglines "Dudes Who Sew" and "Gals Who Sew". Yes, that covers us at General Knot!
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