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Jenn & Lee, British Columbia Retro Wedding

British Columbia, Canada

Location: Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
                       Jaymarie Studios Photography & Cinematography
Bow Ties & Neckties: Flax Linen & Vintage Pastel Floral
(additional credits at the end of this post)
We always love getting to know the couples who have chosen us to be a part of their big day. Find out more about Jenn & Lee's story below.

GK: Where and when did you meet?

Jenn: Lee and I met at the Silverstar Mountain Resort in Vernon, BC, Canada while Lee was on a working holiday exchange from Australia and I was working as a barista at the ski resort for fun. To be exact, we met during Christmas time at an “Ugly Sweater” party on the mountain.

GK: What was it that made you realize that this person was the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?

Jenn: Lee is honest and someone I know who will always tell the truth and be there for me as well as our family. Although he says what everyone else is thinking, I know exactly where we stand. Lee is also one of the most hard working people I know. Most importantly, he loves animals and even has a hard time killing a spider.

Lee: I always knew Jennifer would be the girl I would marry. She has a magnetic personality and knows how to make anyone feel good about themselves. She makes me a better person.

GK: Jenn, what about Lee makes you a better person, and vice versa what characteristic about you makes him better?

Jenn: Lee respects my passion and goals with work and life and always encourages and supports me to do what I love. Lee helps me to break my bad habits and encourages me to be a better person everyday.

Lee: Jenn is always positive. She balances me and keeps me positive and driven.

GK: What was the proposal like? Was it a surprise or something you guys had discussed.

Jenn: The proposal was a surprise! When we went back to visit Lees family in Perth, Australia we travelled down south to a place called Greens Pool in Denmark, Australia. When we walked along the beach I just assumed we were going for a walk to check it out. Behind one of the rocks Lee got down on one knee and proposed. Lee picked the ring without my help (and lets just say he has good taste) it was perfect! In retrospect, Lee was nervous and acting a little weird prior to the proposal.

GK: Describe your wedding day in 5 words....

J&L: Unique, vintage, international, fun & unforgettable!

GK: Howard, your dog played an important role in your wedding day. Is he like your third wheel in pretty much everything?

Jenn: Truth be told, the third wheel is Lee. Howard is our fur son and is involved in everything. Howard was with us our whole wedding day from day to night because he is such a relaxed golden. He even stayed at the reception until he had to go home to recover from a food coma after batting his big eyelashes at all the dinner guests.

GK: Was there a memorable story that occurred on the wedding day that will be told for years to come?

Jenn: There are many great stories from the wedding but the most memorable is the fact that the boys couldn’t tie their bow ties. They tried youtube, tying each other’s, and finally they realized that they were going to be late for the reveal of the bride so they made their way to the ceremony. Once on the road they spotted a local dragon boat competition at the beach. They parked the truck and ran towards the sea of people yelling “can anyone tie bowties?”. Lucky for them, two ladies helped them and got them tied!

Lee: The second memorable story is that Jenn’s veil was forgotten at her parents house! A wedding guest bolted to go get it, which was a half an hour away, and still couldn’t find it. Almost out of fate, Jenn happened to have her grandmother’s vintage birdcage with her and wore it down the aisle. It was meant to be.

GK: How do your personal styles compliment each other?

Jenn: Lee and I both love funky, original styles with character. I have always been stuck in the 1950s and really wanted our wedding to have a modern day spin on that era. It was so much fun to create something that was original, timeless, and classic!

GK: Aside from your custom ties, what other elements of your wedding were really unique and memorable to you?

Jenn: I loved my dress and the wedding party’s classy, neutral colors combined with the custom bow ties. We were also so lucky to ride around in and have access to a teal blue 1958 Chevy Impala for our photos and to have the ceremony at a heritage home overlooking a stunning teal blue lake. With the help of family and friends, our wedding came together exactly how I had imagined with perfect weather. It really was one of the best days of my life.

DJ: Lets Dance DJ Service
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