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By far, one of the best parts of being in the neckwear design business is working with a couple to create special designs for their wedding day. For us, there is no greater honor. We recently had just such an honor working with a fantastic couple. 

Through the back and forth of the custom design process, we get to know our bride and groom and wanted to share a casual interview we had with the now Mr. and Mrs. Sutherland.


Where and when did you meet?
We had mutual friends together in high school, but never fully met until a few years after we had graduated. We both lived in the same town about 6 years ago and the rest is history.
At what moment did you know she was "the one"?
I always joke about this, but honestly we had a great 2nd or 3rd date at a bar in the town we both lived in. The date was at a sports bar and it involved buffalo wings, sweatpants and draft beer, what more could you ask for? 


How original (or not!) was your proposal, and did you have more than one scenario for back up?
Ha, well, kind of original I like to think. We woke up on a Sunday morning, exhausted from a late night out in NYC and I went to get breakfast at our usual spot in town. After we finished eating, I gave her a thank you card with some mushy love stuff written inside and got down on one knee. She had no idea it was happening then and there. Afterwards, I setup a surprise brunch at her parents house with some of our close friends and family.


Describe your wedding in 5 words...
Personal, warming, high spirited, laid back and musical


Aside from your custom ties, what other elements of your wedding were really unique and memorable to you?
We wanted to add as many personal touches to the wedding as possible. Being a designer by trade and my wife being hands on and creative as well, we had a great time making things and planning out unique touches. We made or pieced together almost everything. My buddy Scott letterpress printed the invitations and program cover, we made envelope liners, printed programs, seat cards and menus, hand burnt wooden wedding favors and screen printed tote bags. I think that's it? Ha. Mind you, we also had a ton of help from our family and friends with all of these little 'projects'. Another memorable factor in our wedding was having my wife's brother sing our first dance, it truly was one of our favorite parts of the wedding!

Many thanks to our friends for allowing us to share in their special day - and for being such good sports with our interview. All the best wishes for a fantastic life together!

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