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Gurley's Milling Co. | 1950's Flour Sacks


With my college years starting down south in North Carolina (Greensboro, to be exact), I remember driving through Princeton, N.C. on my way to the Outerbanks. Not a bad drive, knowing that the beaches lay just ahead. 

Although, I wasn't buying any flour at the time, I imagine I most likely stopped in some stores along my route (to buy beer) that at one time or another sold Gurley's Carolina Queen and Best Flour. 

Funny enough, I recently found these pristine 1950's Gurley's flour sacks on a drive in Northern Vermont. As one who can never resist a well-done graphic, especially on packaging, I made sure to bring these little treasures home with me.

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Tracy Gillespie
Tracy Gillespie

January 24, 2018

I have about 100 large bags from Gurley Milling Company, if anyone wants them! I manage a mill site in Virginia, and we found them in storage. We have no need for them and would like them to go to a good home!

Thomas W Gurley
Thomas W Gurley

November 29, 2017

It’s amazing how far and wide the bags have gotten. My great uncles Carl & Gardner ran the Gurley Milling Company. I know they would be glad to see the family business logo is living on.

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