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Due to the very limited nature of the vintage and other rare textiles that we source and use in our products, literally every design is a limited edition. Some far more than others, as in the case of this one-of-a-kind travel kit (can be found HERE). 

When we recently came across this incredibly colorful and beautifully textured vintage Mexican serape (handwoven in Juarez, Mexico in the 1930s) we couldn't wait to create a design that best highlighted its qualities.

The sheer number of colors woven in this single blanket, with its perfectly balanced shade bands is astounding. Utilizing wool yarns as its base, the vibrant colors are sure to hold up for centuries to come.

Interestingly, the fiber content of this particular serape is Wool, Cotton and...Rayon. I was surprised to see rayon as a component in such a genuinely old textile, but checking into rayon's origin, I found that it was actually created way back in 1855 by a Swiss chemist named George Audemars. 

 The braided fringe is a beautiful detail that we carefully trimmed to save for another project. Any ideas?? Let us know in the Comments Section below!

Although modern manufacturing technology yields predictable and consistent fabrics and raw materials, our eyes are always drawn to the subtle weaving imperfections that show up in handmade textiles made on pre-modern looms. The uneven and slightly wavy stripes are perfectly imperfect. We wouldn't want it any other way!

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September 19, 2016

You can sew the fringe to the side of the bag (this one or the market bags) or even on the pocket squares. I love your store, the concept, and the beautifully hand picked fabrics. Xx

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